The FIRE(Financial Independence, Retire Early) words 10 that were affected to do it

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I don’t recommend that you start recklessly when you do what you want to do, but I think it’s better to do it as soon as you’re ready to do something.One of the words that influenced me when I was aware of semi-retirement was that “perfect timing does not come forever.”

Even in the middle of preparation, if you still have to prepare, and if you wait for the perfect timing, it will shift more and more later.After all, I think that it only has to act with a step somewhere, and to correct it each time.

It’s important to prepare, but I think it’s more important to have the ability to correct things that don’t work out in your own way.

Words Influenced by Semi-Retirement 10

I know what’s good and I’ll never forget my heart.

Although human desires are not attached, I am conscious of not forgetting to feel that I am in a state of satisfaction and gratitude that I do not ask too much in myself.This is also my motto.

Draw the line between the part that depends on the company and the part that does not depend on it

Since it is semi-retired from salaried workers, it is important to draw the line between the part that does not depend on and the part that does not depend though it is good whatever is not a company in this part because it is a “company”.Especially, the organization of the company is natural, but it is not possible to rely on it at all when it does not belong.

Don’t be afraid to go out of the frame.

This may not have much to do with people who are aiming for semi-retirement.It is not good if it is afraid of this place because the way of life called semi-retirement is out of the frame.In everyday life, it may be good to act out of the frame in a good sense.

Especially in Japan, there is a sense of peace of mind because it is the same as everyone else, but I feel that i can see a different scenery when I start from there.

There is only a one-way ticket in life.

Have you ever thought about something like this if you could go back to the past?I’ve talked about this to the extent of small talk, but I can’t help it because I can’t go back to the past.

The time of life is a one-way ticket that can only go on anyway.When I thought about it, I wanted to live a life that I wouldn’t regret at all.

Perfect timing doesn’t come forever

See at the beginning

If you don’t act, nothing will change.

This is that there are overwhelmingly many people who do not act because they can’t change their own way of looking at Twitter and blogs after they have time to semi-retire, and feel that they are observing people around them even in real life.

I also often see and hear that there is no action to achieve my purpose.It is a remarkable example to say that you want to save money but do not want to save money.

If you act, something will change, but otherwise you will not be able to change.If you have something you want to do, act.

There is a possibility in the way of life which does not aim at stability.

In the first place, we recognize that a stable state is an illusion, but in general, there are many people who aim for stability.There are various aspects such as economic stability, mental stability, and stability of human relations, but while it is good when the period of stability becomes long, I feel fragile when something irregular happens.

If you are living in a certain routine work or delay in responding to changes, you may not be able to cope well unless you are prepared.

Paradoxically, I believe that it will be more stable if we don’t aim for stability.

Man’s happiness has nothing to do with money.

Some people may feel that it is a little too much to say irrelevant because it requires money to do anything in the world today, but Fundamentally, I feel that this claim is fundamentally correct.Then what is human happiness?

I think it’s a good relationship.When asked if money is not involved, money is necessary to maintain a good relationship, but if you think that money does not exist, I feel that there is only socializing with people.

“Tomorrow” is not necessarily infinite.

It’s the finite nature of time.It is the most conscious thing when semi-retirement.When I was young, I didn’t even think that there was a limited time, but when Arafif approached, I began to feel the finite nature of time.

Making yourself happy makes others happy.

The way of writing to make others happy may be a bit of a word, but I think that if you are happy, others tend to be happy.It is easy to become a irritated air somehow when it is with the owner of the heart which was a little.

That’s true at work, isn’t it?Working with people who are always frustrated and angry doesn’t feel comfortable.I think that it is easy to convey such a state of my self to the people around me.

A summary of words that have been affected by semi-retirement

There are other words that have influenced me, but if I narrow it down to 10 pieces, it will be almost like this.Words can be taken anything depending on the interpretation.So I think that even if you hear the same words, you will feel different.

If you look for your favorite words, you may be able to see what you want to do inside.