FIRE(Financial Independence, Retire Early) and the affinity of the low cost life are outstanding


Low cost living is to maintain a life with a low expenditure as the name suggests.Unlike financial-free retirement, there is plenty of funds, and in the case of semi-retirement, it is necessary to balance the funds.

By maintaining a low-cost life, Semi-retirement life will be closer to a more solid one.Anyone can do it if they just keep spending down in the short term, but I feel that there are a few tricks to do it on an ongoing basis.

The trick is to feel the “abundance” of fulfillment and satisfaction.Semi-retirement and low-cost living are excellent compatibility, but it is difficult to continue by itself, so I aim for a “rich life at low cost”.

A rich life at low cost

The annual cost of living, which can be called a low cost, is less than 2.4 million.

In the first place, I wonder how much the low cost of living costs is.Let’s refer to the materials in the Annual Report of household surveys (Household Balance) 2018 by the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.Household balance of total households and single households

 Total householdsTwo or more householdsSingle householdCross Pearl (2018)
Monthly average246,399287,315162,833176,267

How about comparing it to your annual living expenses?Since it is about 2 million in a single household, I think that it is fairly low cost about 2.1 million in my house.I feel that i often live on spending about 1.5 to 2.4 million in the sense that I am looking at semi-retirement blogs.

The real cost of living in our house is usually about 2.2 million, but the budget is 2.4 million.200,000 is a reserve expense, isn’t it?This reserve will be used to purchase home appliances and cars once every few years.

In semi-retirement blogs, social insurance premiums (pensions and health insurance) and taxes (income tax and resident tax) are not considered in some living expenses, but I personally think of these as part of the cost of living.

The point of living at low cost is housing expenses (mortgage, rent)

In order to reduce the cost of living, it is necessary to review the placewhere slack can be saved.There are many things such as eating out, smartphone, insurance, car, gambling, tobacco, etc., but personally I think that there is no problem as long as you keep the housing expenses.Saving as a semi-retirement tendency is often done unconsciously.

Inevitably, spending will become more and more minimal when we are working on cutting down unnecessary things.Depending on the individual situation, there will be no problem simply even if there is no other than the above housing expenses.It will be inconvenient, but you should not be able to live.

However, it is not possible to reduce the cost of housing to zero, can it?Even if there is no home owner’s mortgage, repair costs will be incurred, so it is not possible to say zero.In addition, housing costs are not enough for several thousand yen, and because it becomes tens of thousands, it will be high as a percentage of spending.

Considering that the minimumization of most items has been completed at semi-retirement time, the point of living at low cost is considered to be limited only to housing costs.

If you live semi-retirement at your parents’ home, you can say that it is the best condition if you focus only on the economic side.

What is a low-cost and rich life?

I think that anyone can do the part of the low cost to some extent.I think that the percentage that can be done at once decreases when “rich life” is added there.One of the reasons is that it costs money to do anything.I think that it is correct as one view if it is said that it becomes a rich life if money is spent a lot.

You can enjoy the material richness as much as you want if you spend money on delicious food, the latest smartphones, luxury cars, etc.No matter how much money you have, it is not enough to ask for such material wealth.

Then, i will look at spiritual abundance.Unlike material abundance, the good thing about spiritual wealth is that you only have to fill your feelings.For example, the feeling was healed by looking at nature, the human relations are good, and there is a reasonable free time.

It takes money to enjoy this kind of spiritual wealth, but I think it will be less expensive than seeking material wealth.

The low cost and rich life that I seek is a life that fills the mind without spending too much money.It is the best pleasure to fill your heart and get satisfaction and satisfaction.

To maintain a rich life at low cost

Semi-retirement and low cost and rich life compatibility is outstanding, but if it does not continue, there is a possibility that it will go to bankruptcy at once.In order to maintain a rich life at low cost, you need to be aware of how you can satisfy your feelings before you start semi-retirement.

In my case, I decided to be 45 years old thinking about semi-retirement from about 40 years old.Because it was a semi-retirement ten years ago, there was a big element of anxiety financially, but on the mental side, I was able to grasp what I wanted and what I should do to satisfy my heart, so I wasnot worried.

It is recommended that you do what you want to do and examine it.