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What is Semi-Retirement?

Semi-retirement is a style in which you prioritize time while earning some work income, unlike complete financial-free.

If you can probably work until retirement age (60 years old), you should be able to become completely financially free in many cases by acting systematically.But which is worth it, time from the age of 60 or in your 40s and 50s?

Even in the 100-year age of life, the body declines.I think that it is better to enjoy the time when you are young by working part-time and short-term dispatch even if you are short-term with some money.

Semi-retirement is a balance between money and time.

Three pillars that enable semi-retirement

In order to support semi-retirement, the possibility of achieving this by being aware of the three pillars of “downshift”, “asset management”, and “low cost life” is greatly increased.

Downshift work style

Downshift (en:Downshifting) is one of the social trends and trends in lifestyle.It refers to a dramatic change in the life attitude which excludes excessive success competition, long working hours, materialistic, and material ized life from daily life, and switches to a more comfortable and stressless life, and such a life attitude is said to be a slowing life.

Wikipedia (https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%80%E3%82%A6%E3%83%B3%E3%82%B7%E3%83%95%E3%83%83%83%8888)

As Wikipedia explains, it means choosing a slow-down life that suits you.In the past in Japan, it has been considered a virtue to work until retirement.Today’s 20s and 30s are now commonplace to change jobs in search of a better environment.

If you have a certain amount of assets, you can work part-time or short-term temporary staff when you change jobs.

I believe that if we reform our work styles, our happiness will increase.That’s because you have more time to control yourself.

Asset management that makes it easier to start investing in stocks

Asset management may have a hard time working, but in 2019, it was possible to invest in stocks using mutual funds starting at 100 yen.A long time ago, it was difficult to find high-quality products and high commissions when investing in overseas stocks.

Today, it is easy to invest in the whole world at low cost.In Japan, there may be a wave of asset management in earnest.

It is recommended to invest in indexes if you are not particularly concerned about which target to invest in, although it depends on the personality of the individual.The average annual interest rate for the stock index esin in developed countries is 8% over the past 30 years.We believe that a yield of 4% can be expected even if we estimate it low.

Semi-retirement life approaches by expecting a return on asset management while earning income through the work style of downshifting.

This is an example of asset management.You can choose not to do what you don’t want to do if you have some assets regardless of age.

Low-cost living with overwhelming advantage

It is necessary to have money to live, but if you assume semi-retirement in your 30s and 40s, your assets will be tens of millions (3-70 million).Then, even if you manage assets, if the cost of living is large, your assets will decrease at once, and semi-retirement life will be difficult.

There is no need to set a difficult cost of living, but if you can live a low-cost life that you can do without being conscious, semi-retirement life will have a tailwind.

The rapid decline in assets responds more mentally than you think.If you are aiming for semi-retirement, downshifting and asset management are also important, but let’s aim for a low-cost life with top priority.

Saving and thrift is essential to semi-retirement, but there are various mechanisms thatpersist.Your feelings and common perception with your family will also affect you.It is important to prepare well because it is not something that can be done overnight.

Semi-retirement is to enjoy life in consideration of the finite nature of time.

How much more time will I have left?

I was semi-retired because of this kind of thing that came to my mind.I feel that there is an infinite amount of time, but when I realized it, it could be that i didn’t have much left.

I guess there’s something about visiting this blog.

Why don’t you aim for semi-retirement?

The history of semi-retirement is described in the profile.