Can the point of FIRE(Financial Independence, Retire Early) abandon the economic profit that I should get in the future?


I’d like to reply to Nori’s comments.

Nori’s comment son looks like this:

Thank you for your polite and prompt reply.

There are questions/comments in the article.

I have secured 5 million separately as house maintenance, but I wonder if this is not enough.I have secured this amount in the line because there is no clear when it becomes necessary any more.(Of course, we are aware that it depends on the individual situation.)By the way, it is a wooden building of 15 years.)

I do not know whether spending can be suppressed to 100,000 yen “certainly”.That’s the way it is in terms of calculation.Therefore..This is an honest connection to the anxiety about retirement.I don’t care about the public appearance.

There are also hobbies such as travel, but there is no hobby that costs money because I have already lost interest.

The reason for retirement hope is 1.Because a certain amount of cash has been accumulated 2.I was tired of working in an organization for a long time.There are three things that I think I can do (only in the range of profit) if I can be a full-time trader.

I would appreciate your advice.

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Is 5 million for house maintenance enough?But I can only answer that I honestly do not understand.I own a 45-year-old wooden single-family house, but I haven’t done any major maintenance so far, so I feel like 5 million maintenance costs will be enough for 15 years.

The rest is whether or not to encounter a natural disaster, but i think this is just luck.

If you don’t have a hobby that’s paid off the loan and costs money, you can spend 100,000 a month.If it’s going to be the kind of expense you did in the comment the other day, you’ll have plenty of time to spare.

Meals: 30,000 yen
Light and water costs: 20,000 yen
NTT+ Smartphone + NHK + Provider: 10,000 yen
Property tax: 10,000 yen
National Health Insurance: 5,000 yen
Daily necessities barber: 5,000 yen
National pension: 20,000 yen (zero if exempted to reserve funds such as savings or medical expenses)

One and two of retirement wishes can be understood, but “3.If you can become a full-time trader (only in the range of profit) does this mean that you will become a full-time trader from now on?

If so, it would be quite reckless.I don’t know what kind of thingathat a full-time trader refers to, but I wouldn’t do it.

It was surprising that the word “full-time trader” came out because it was commented that “I do not want to reduce money because money is a lifeline”.

If you can earn money as a full-time trader, it is perfect, so you may want to try it for a small amount.

There is no correct way to semi-retirement.Moreover, it is understood that it becomes uneasy because there is no such thing as a textbook, but if there are 40 million assets because there are 40 million assets, why not try it once because there is no clear when you raise anxiety?

As far as your question is concerned, I feel like Nori’s anxiety is only money.If you have 70 million assets, you can retire completely.Semi-retirement is an act that is equal to giving up the economic benefits that a salaried worker would have gained in the future, so I think it is better if you are willing to semi-retire even if you throw away your future income.

I chose Semi-Retirement because I don’t know how long I’m alive, so I decided to do what I wanted to do.It’s only once in my life.

I think that it is good if I work if I semi-retire and there is anxiety about money.Or rather, I like to work, so I’m going to do anything if I run out of money.

If you don’t want to work, I think it would be a relief if you work a little more and make your assets about 70 million.If you don’t want to work that far, you can semi-retire.

After all, it is the same in the stately tour, isn’t it?

The only way to make a semi-retirement is to make a decision with Nori and his family.

It’s been eight months since I semi-retired, but I’m getting the feeling that I can’t get along somehow.In Nori’s case, there is no housing cost, so from my point of view, i can afford it.(I moved to Tottori and live in a rental life.)

I also have a sense that money doesn’t decrease more than I thought.In fact, I’m tallied every month, but I’ve never fallen below my assets at the time of semi-retirement.

It takes courage to take a step forward, but I hope Nori will be happy no matter what decisions she makes.