To a person captivated by FIRE(Financial Independence, Retire Early)


You’ve got one month left in 2019.It’s time to look back on what kind of year it was.I think that the reader who is looking at this blog is interested in the way of life called semi-retirement in no small way.

The biggest concern of people who are lost in semi-retirement is assets.It is possible to imagine that the feeling of wondering whether to semi-retire comes out because it comes to a delicate line whether it is possible to go though it is each person how much asset is good.

I’m entering my third year of semi-retirement, but Now that I’m in a good balance of life, I can feel that my future development is bright.There is no doubt that there is only money, but the fact that salaried workers get money means spending a certain amount of time.

I wonder how much it is the asset of the turning point which is lost in semi-retirement.

Semi-retired asset junction

I can’t say for sure about the turning point of semi-retirement assets, that is, the amount of assets I wonder what to do, but I personally think that there is some extent.

The standard is 20 million singles and 30 million for couples only.

There is no particular basis, but I think that there are many people who get lost in the numbers around here sensuously.

Because it is semi-retirement to the last, some income such as labor income is necessary.

I would like you to think about it according to your personal situation, but I think that it is likely to feel that it is severe with no income at all with this asset.Still, I think that it is the amount of money that cannot be done.

By the way, if you have assets of “living expenses x 25 years”, we recommend that you semi-retire without hesitation.

The more you estimate the funds, the more money it takes.If you are a single 20 million, and only a couple is semi-retired at 30 million, you need to examine whether you can give up what you were supposed to get.

Things and services that can be exchanged for money that you were supposed to earn in the future

Semi-retirement, that is, getting off the rail of full-time employees is synonymous with giving up the money you were supposed to get in the future.Today’s world is full of goods and services that can be exchanged for money.In a sense, it is not wrong to be able to do anything if you have money.

Whether or not to run when you have money that you wonder whether or not to semi-retire, it may be good to think about how much of a wax or service that could be obtained in the future is worth you.

If you want a luxury car, if you feel the value of living in a tower apartment, but it is not enough assets of semi-retirement branch point.You can’t do it without money for the desire to travel abroad frequently and want a brand bag.

In this way, there are many things you can do in the world as long as you have money.If you feel value in spending money to get happiness and satisfaction, semi-retirement with the assets of the last minute will surely lead to unhappiness.

Quitting as a salaried worker means less money to earn.If you think that you can enjoy things and services that you can be satisfied with with your assets and the money you will earn in the future, you can say that you can semi-retire.

Semi-retirement branch assets and age

Semi-retirement branching point assets are so to speak, so to speak, because it is the very last minute of money, there is no doubt that it does not take the mind.However, the scenery is very different when the element of age is added here.For example, if you are single 30 and 50 years old and have the same 20 million assets, the latter worry will be overwhelmingly less.

This is because the age of life is approaching.You don’t need money when you die, so the value of money gradually decreases. Money is also important, but it is good to think about your own time and live.

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