FIRE(Financial Independence, Retire Early) and marriage


Life planning is common when planning semi-retirement.A life plan is to write down things that will be expected in the future in a chronology format.

It will calculate the expected income and expenditure based on the written matters and use it for future asset formation.

Because it is an unknown thing of the thing which will be assumed in the future, it is necessary to think while organizing it in a certain pattern.For housing expenses, which are large expenses with fixed costs, it becomes a choice between rental or purchase, and this is the biggest part in the expenditure item.

However, since most of the things that you can control yourself if you say in terms of spending, there will be no big error if you plan firmly.

A major turning point in the semi-retirement plan is whether you are single or married.This part is not just about me, so it’s very difficult to control.

Marry Semi-Retirement

Although it is an impression only on the net, there are overwhelmingly a lot of singles in the person who is semi-retired.Maybe more than 99% are single.

As I said earlier, this is a major factor in being able to control most of what we live in.

However, it is not so if semi-retirement is far away by marrying, and it will probably be able to shake greatly to either.If the married partner agrees with semi-retirement and earns two horsepower, semi-retirement will be much closer, and if it is the other way around, it will be far away.

Also, if you are a spendthrift partner, semi-retirement is a dream come true.

Marriage is a big bet for those who are aiming at semi-retirement.

Disadvantages of Marriage in Semiretirement

Here we will focus on semi-retirement rather than the disadvantages of general marriage.The disadvantages of marriage in semi-retirement will be summarized into two points.

Spouse of a spendthrift

Understanding semi-retirement

Because money is necessary to semi-retire, it is not possible to semi-retirement at all without saving money at all if the amount earned is spent as it is.Inevitably, if the spendthrift becomes the other party, it is expected that it will be difficult to develop.

Next, we must share the value of semi-retirement.If there is an understanding of each other’s family as long as possible, not to mention the spouse, it is necessary to understand the spouse at a minimum.

Benefits of Marriage in Semiretirement

The benefits are a natural consequence of being at odds with the disadvantages.

There is a possibility of earning with two horsepower.If you earn by aiming at semi-retirement by two people, semi-retirement will be much closer.

If the values of semi-retirement are the same, there is a high possibility that they will live well after achieving their goals.

I don’t know about the future, but let’s decide not to marry the semi-retirement plan.

No one knows about the future, but if you want to semi-retire, make it clear whether you want to get married or not.Otherwise, it will be difficult to make a financial plan.

I got married at the age of 41, but Until then I had no particular intention to get married.So in my experience, I feel that it is better to “make a semi-retirement plan on the premise that you will not get married.”

The reason is that if you plan on the premise of marriage, you will have a life plan for at least two people, but there are too many uncertainties to be considered to be unplanned.On the other hand, even if it is assumed that it does not marry, and it is going to marry on the way, it is only necessary to think about it again from there.

And even if the event of marriage enters on the way, the spouse is likely to agree with semi-retirement because it is the person you seek.

If you decide to get married, think about your children.