Guide of FIRE(Financial Independence, Retire Early) of 30 million-50 million asset for 20-40 generations


Semi-retirement life is a style in which people live with minimal labor and asset utilization.The semi-department (labor) part is very different from the retirement life which can live only by asset management without thinking about labor.

When you are in your 40s, you often have been working as a salaried worker for about 25 years.I moved to semi-retirement life when I was 46 years old, but it may be time to stop and think about my future life.

Depending on your income, if you are thinking about semi-retirement life, many people have increased their assets, and in their 40s, they are often wondering whether to move to semi-retirement life with assets of about 30 to 50 million.

However, since there is little to see people who are living a semi-retirement life in real ity, it will naturally gather information on the net.I also collected information about the semi-retirement life considerably on the net without leaking to you.

There are many patterns, but it rarely fits my situation.There will be a lot of people who often read the blog which is similar to me somehow.

However, to some extent, I thought that if I set the prerequisites and customize the rest to suit myself, it would be a guide to semi-retirement life.

Because there will be a number of patterns even if I think about the family structure, I decided the prerequisites based on the information of my life and the semi-retirement blog that I was allowed to browse so far.

Prerequisites for Semi-Retirement Life in your 40s

Age: 45

Assets: 40 million

Investment yield: 3% (after tax)

Annual cost of living: 2 million

Life expectancy: 90 years old

Pension: 800,000 per year (from 70 years old)

As far as the blog of semi-retirement life is seen, there is a considerable width of 10 million to hundreds of millions, but in reality it is possible to live semi-retirement from about 40 million?I think that there are many cases where I feel.If you move to semi-retirement life with less than 40 million, you will need a fairly low annual cost of living or reliable cash flow.

With an investment yield of 3% (after tax), investment trusts in the stock indexes in developed countries are safe.

my index

As I will explain later, the less you have the annual cost of living, the closer your semi-retirement life will be, even if your assets are small.However, I think that the annual cost of living of 2 million is a reasonable setting of this prerequisite.My annual living expenses are 2.2 million, but the annual cost of living for semi-retired people is 1.5 to 2.5 million.

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Semi-retirement life simulation

Try to simulate using the run-off calculator (

If you have an income of 0 from the age of 45

The result seems to be able to live to 74 years old.

If you have an annual income of 800,000 from 45 to 59 years old

Annual expenditure until the start of pension payments: (2 million x 25 years) – (800,000 x 15 years) – 38 million to 25 years – 15.2 million

The result seems to be able to live to 93 years old.

Since the annual income of 800,000 is 6.6 million per month, it is thought that it is not a very irrelevant amount as a part of semi-retirement life semi-annual life.

Important Points of Semi-Retirement Life


It is not limited to semi-retirement life, but be careful about your health.It’s sad that you can’t spend money or disappear into medical expenses even though you’ve saved all your money.

Especially for indoor people, I think it’s better to exercise once in a while, but I recommend using a stretch pole when it’s really troublesome.If the human body is not conscious, it seems to become more and more rounded and hard.

Especially for those who have a long pc work and game time, I think that the effect is outstanding.

I also use the stretch pole, but it will be much easier just lying down for about 10 minutes per time with the pole down.

Savings: Reduce annual living expenses as much as possible

As I mentioned earlier, the less living expenses, the less assets you have.However, if you do not enjoy semi-retirement life by saving too much, it is a fall at the end of the book, so it is necessary to adjust there.If you save 10,000 a month, it will be 120,000 per year.

In other words, you don’t have to earn 120,000 minutes, you don’t have to work.If this continues for 25 years, you don’t have to work 3 million minutes.

You don’t have to save enough to detract from the satisfaction of semi-retirement life, but it’s a good idea to remember that the savings are tremendous.

You don’t know the semi part unless you try it.

I didn’t particularly dislike labor, so I thought That I could expect enough labor income after semi-retirement, but it was quite difficult to maintain my motivation.It is quite difficult to work loosely in Japan.

Full-time is out of the question, but even in part-time jobs, the people that companies are looking for are workers who work hard.Because there is not much willingness to work, there is a gap in there and it may not go well.

The higher the income, the higher the highest the amount of work, but the higher the income, the more responsibility and the amount of work you have.

Because it is semi-retirement, a certain amount of income is necessary, but if you can’t continue, there is no point, so you have to do some work and find something that suits you.

There might be individual differences, but it was very difficult for me.

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Interaction with people: Join some community

There are many forms of semi-retirement, but I think it’s better to join some community and interact with people.

I often don’t want to get involved with people as much as possible because it’s a communication problem, but as long as I’m looking at the blog, I think there is no one who is completely isolated by working alone or working off-site or volunteering.

You don’t have to be actively intimate with people, but I think it’s less depressing to have connections with people who can greet and talk on a daily basis.