“Finiteness of the time” being aware of FIRE(Financial Independence, Retire Early)


I attended the funeral of a distant relative.I think that it is good to say that It was able to be said that it fulfilled Tenju because the age was 88 years old.I was treated at the hospital for a while, but the last one was not clearly conscious.

The doctor told me that it was only a few days later, and he died.I thought it was almost predictable in just a few days.I was not able to breathe spontaneously, but I think that it was the last time without suffering.

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Funerals are not for the deceased, but for the living.

This is not good whether the funeral is held or not for the person who has already died though it has been felt for a long time.I don’t know which one is good or because I’m no longer in this world.

And, the living person talks about the memory story.I feel that this is done in order for a living person to organize his or her feelings as a way to live in the future.

After the funeral, the event continues almost forever on the first seven days of the memorial service, the forty-nineth day, and the 0th anniversary.If a living person wants to do it, it will continue as much as possible.(It may be different depending on the religion.)

I don’t feel much of the need for a funeral.

I don’t want to have my own funeral at all.I don’t know because I can’t do anything about it, but I don’t think it’s anything but waste.

If you want to organize your feelings, you don’t have to spend money on funerals, but you just have to talk to your relatives and acquaintances.Funerals depend on the scale, but a lot of money moves.It is good if there is money, but in general, it is not so, so I feel that it is good for people who live to keep spending as low as possible.

And people who don’t have money don’t have funerals, no, they can’t.That means that funerals are not a problem whether you do it or not.

Isn’t it a kind of ego that a living person who thinks of the deceased has a funeral?

Of course, I think that there is no need to stick to the form of “funeral” though it is good if the person who wants to do it is able to do it fast.

Man will surely die someday.

One of the reasons why I semi-retired is the finite nature of time.I’m only 46 years old, but I don’t know exactly when I’m going to die.Maybe it’s tomorrow, or i’ll live to be 100 years old.

However, it is natural that everyhuman being is surely going to die.

Isn’t it clear what we should do now just by being a little aware of this?

Money is necessary to live, so everyone works and works.As is often the case, if you die in three months, will you continue your current job?Most people will say no.

Even so, I feel that Japanese society, which cannot quit its job, is quite cramped.It is the current situation that it is not possible to return to the original once it gets off the rail once.If a society allows for a more diverse way of life, many people may be saved.

If man dies, it’s over.

I chose a slightly irregular way of life in the current situation of semi-retirement, but I will enjoy it as long as there is life.