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Even if it is said that it is asset management, I think that the beginner does not understand what to do at all.Looking back, I have made a lot of speculation and investments because I have no knowledge.

Since I started investing in 2005, I think that the contents are close to beginners, although it may become about intermediate if it says by the number of years.However, it is a reality that there are a lot of people who leave the middle though it is good that it started investing.

There are many ways to do asset management.Savings that Japanese people like are also one of asset management.But how many people can save money and prepare enough money?Unlike the period of high economic growth, Japan’s economic growth is likely to remain or slow.

Slow ingesting economic growth means less money in one’s pocket.Of course, this is not the case with everyone.Some people have a lot of money and some who don’t, so as a result, there will be economic disparities.

It will also be clear that social security costs will increase to maintain pension insurance and health insurance.As for the consumption tax and other taxes, I think everyone feels that there is a high possibility of a tax increase.

In a word, it is possible to make a lot of money, and a lot of money goes out.If this outing money can be controlled by oneself, it can be dealt with to some extent, but when it comes to taxes, it can’t be helped by individual efforts.

For example, if there is a person who can continue the annual income of 50 million for 40 years, such a problem might not have to be worried too much, but there is no such person.Even if it were to exist, it would be very small.

In general, I feel that the annual income of salaried workers is a large number of 2 to 8 million.There is a considerable economic gap just this.If the salary goes up as much as you make an effort, it is more efficient to spare the “effort to raise the salary” to increase the money.

However, the reality is that even if you make an effort, your salary will not rise.There is nothing you can do if you whip your body and make a lot of effort, but you break your body.It is troublesome even if it is mentally sick again.

Therefore, I think that asset management should be not limited to annual income.The increase in money by asset management is synonymous with more time you can control yourself.

The more time you have to control, the more time you have to adjust your working hours, you don’t have to work, you can read comics at home all day, play the Internet, and stay with your kids 24 hours a day.

It is said that money is not everything, but the world is around in a capitalist society, so most of the things you can do with money.I wouldn’t say that I could do anything if I had enough money, but I should be able to live my life more abundantly and happily.

This capitalist society will probably not change in the next few decades or hundreds of years.I think that the person who lives in 2018 will probably live in the capitalist society until the death.

There is a limit to making money on their own salaried workers.I believe that the idea of getting money to work will become even more important in the future.That will increase the need to do asset management.

I’ve made quite a bit of a detour before I can have stable asset management, but I feel that I was able to find the best solution for asset management in salaried workers from my own experience.We believe that there is an optimal solution for asset management in semi-retirement life.

I would like to see the shortest course advanced to those who start asset management in the future, so I will upload articles in the category “How to start asset management” and upload articles.Please refer by all means because I will link to the top page of this place every time I upload an article.

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